Luscha Baumwald works as she lives.

Luscha Baumwald' Tel Aviv, Israel.

Luscha Baumwald works as she lives. Following a fully vegan diet and living her life as close to nature as possible, Luscha seeks to help her clients heal through their own environment. She believes in the crucial role plants can play in all of our lives. She has found plants to be the source of individual fuel, familial energy and communal medicine. At the same time, she understands the importance of western medicine, but for full wellness and holistic healing purports that plants need to be accessed on a much greater level.

Luscha Baumwald serves her clients through three primary channels: Aromatic Practitioner, Rebirthing Therapist and Nutritional Nourisher. Working with essential oils, certified wild crops taken from their natural environments and wisdom from French chemist Henry Viaud, Luscha’s Aromatherapy Center is open to heal a wide variety of ailments. She has helped people with insomnia, headaches, tension, fatigue and breathing. As a Rebirthing Therapist Luscha has guided clients to their deepest inner selves on a spiritual level, simultaneously enhancing their outer shells. In many cases this has led to a complete overhaul of the client’s immune system while developing coping mechanisms for everyday life issues.

Luscha has taken these two roles and merged them into her other newer role as a Nutritional Nourisher. Using a plant-based diet and applying it to the specific needs of her clients, Luscha has successfully helped many people get back to their original selves. Using clean foods, essential oils and fostering a deep connection to one’s core being has been proven to lead people to become who they were meant to be.